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GOFTER Version 1.1.3

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
  • Wave Editor: Additive Synthesis, Wave player
  • Multiprogram Window: Allow multiple SoundEdit windows in multi mode
  • Library: Import sound button for MacOS X 10.6

GOFTER Version 1.1.0

Friday, July 18th, 2014
  • Math expressions parser for Wavetable Editor with presets
  • Edited wavetable name gets propagated for the sound edit window
  • Minor bug fix in keycode window

GOFTER Version 1.0.9 (The User Wavetables Preview Edition)

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
  • Import Wavetables – Show open panel and read included WTBD messages (if any) from sysex or midi file
  • Export Wavetables – Show save panel and write all loaded WTBD messages to sysex file
  • Dump Wavetable(s) – Send current wavetable (or all loaded usertables, if option key is down) to Blofeld
  • View/Edit Wave – Open BloWaveEditor (no edit, only visualization implemented so far)

GOFTER Version 1.0.8

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

The Waldorf™ Blofeld Firmware v1.22 edition

  • GUI clean-up for the famous sound bank window (Popup menus for bank select, tool tips for table action related buttons)
  • Patch names are copied bank-wise for ease of use in Logic™ environment
  • Prepend device name to output port name from Blofeld USB driver

GOFTER v1.0.7

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Maintenance update

  • New feature: Banks can now be individually requested from the blofeld
  • New feature: Banks can now be individually dumped from the library to the blofeld
  • Bugfix: After drag’n’dropping a patch, a spurious prg chg was sent after the dump
  • Bugfix: Wait one second after sending a sound dump to avoid that the blofeld gets stuck

MWAV v5.3.9, MW2E v5.3.9, GOFTER v1.0.5

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
  • Sound bank can now be cloned (w/o dump) for convenience
  • Store current sound is also working in multi mode
  • Cached sound program names are listed in multi program instrument popups
  • GOFTER version history

    Thursday, February 27th, 2014


    • Envelope trigger values were wrong
    • Wavetable names are read from plist file
    • Global parameters and multi programs are now in separate windows
    • Multi programs are switched via bank MSB (CC#0) value 127
    • Multi program parameters can be edited (but are not send in realtime yet)
    • Ensured that the software is Blofeld System 1.16beta compatible

    GOFTER-v1-0-0 (RTW)

    • Effects mix is now working (the penultimate bug fix)

    GOFTER-v0-8-0 (GM)

    • Change button title on option key down from “Init sound” to “Init all”
    • Visualization of filter order (6dB/12dB) for HP and LP
    • Renamed “Global Params/Multi Programs” button to “Global Params”
    • Fixed Modulation IBActions
    • Request version number on synchronize destinations

    GOFTER-v0-7-0 (RC4, miscellaneous tweaks for upcoming GM)

    • Setting the Device ID is forbidden to avoid disconnection
    • After sending a patch to the blofeld, we are waiting one second before proceeding to avoid MIDI overflow
    • Alert if invalid characters in sound name or sound name is empty
    • Omit Device family member code “Desktop” from universalDeviceInquiry result
    • Visualization of envelopes as described in the manual

    GOFTER-v0-6-0 (RC3, Feature Update, bug fixes)

    • Progress bar for Request all now updates with received message count
    • LFO Delay and Fade Value parameters now accept textual input too
    • Visualization of envelopes improved (but still imperfectly)
    • Modulation parameters box flipped, so it scrolls to top at init

    GOFTER-v0-5-0 (RC2, Feature Update)

    • Sliders are now reacting on scroll wheel events
    • Sound banks can now be read from MIDI files and written too. Other included sysex messages are preserved, unless they are redundant.
    • Help book updated