MWAV v5.3.9, MW2E v5.3.9, GOFTER v1.0.5

  • Sound bank can now be cloned (w/o dump) for convenience
  • Store current sound is also working in multi mode
  • Cached sound program names are listed in multi program instrument popups
  • 5 Responses to “MWAV v5.3.9, MW2E v5.3.9, GOFTER v1.0.5”

    1. Vincent says:

      Hi! There’s some errors on the french localization. “Ouvrier un document” = “Ouvrir un document” and “Recherche mise à jour” = “Rechercher mise à jour”

    2. admin says:

      @Vincent: merci beaucoup, ces erreurs seront corrigées dans la prochaine version…

    3. Bill says:

      When I attempt to Check for Updates, I always receive the error message: “An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.” Please advise.


    4. admin says:

      The “Check for Updates” function in MW2E was broken because I accidentally changed some links on the server. But it should work now (at least) with the updated disk image. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    5. admin says:

      The RSS is just informal. I have no idea if it can be viewed in any browser, because Apple dropped this feature in Safari. However, it works for automated updates. However I am having troubles with your Website. I hope you don’t mind, if I delete the link.

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