MWAV/MW2E Version 5.4.4

A new version for the Microwave I and also for the Microwave II has been released. Main features:

  • Improved global parameter handling (MWAV)
  • Complete wave editor additive synthesis with real and imaginary part fourier transform
  • 4 Responses to “MWAV/MW2E Version 5.4.4”

    1. Michael Artemenko says:

      I cant seem to download or upgrade to mw2e 5.44 ?

    2. Michael Artemenko says:

      Problem Resolved

    3. Syn-Fi says:

      hi, can you access the user wavetables with this program? upload and download.

    4. admin says:

      Though it is not possible to download the user wavetables directly with MWAV/MW2E, you can install MIDI Monitor from SNOIZE and store them from this application after pressing the Reload button in the Wave Control Table Editor.

      HTH, Michael

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