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Collective Wisdom from the Experts

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

128 Feel the Flow

130 Distance_In_Nautical_Miles class

132 Prevent Errors DD/MM/YYYY

134 Professional Programmer Responsibility

136 Version Control (vs commented-out code)

138 Step Away from Keyboard (rethinking problem)

140 Read Code (oposite to write code)

142 read Wittgenstein, Heidegger

W: Grenzen der sprachlichen Mitteilungsmöglichkeit
H: Def. des Werkzeugs über seine Verwendung

Aristoteles - Kategorien/Eigenschaften
geeignet zur Modellierung
(Ungenau) besser: Beispiele, Fallstudien, Prototypen 

144 Reinvent the Wheel

152 SRP - Single Responsibility Principle

(separate things that change for different reasons)

154 Start from Yes - edam/ame epiphany

160 testing - whitebox is neadless

162 testing - precise postconditions required

174 Ubuntu - Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

176 UNIX Tools

178 Right Agorithm & Data Structure

  for (i=0; i < strlen(s); i++);
  Reusing In Paramount Abominible

180 Verbose Logging

  err level log != info level log

182 Don't Repeat Yourself

  Write Everytime
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