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Harry Gerber Kybernetik
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This is the download page for MWAV (for the original Microwave) and MW2E (for the Microwave 2/XT).

By clicking one of the following links, the respective disk image can be downloaded:

[MWAV.dmg] md5 = 154905dc78e70119ac700bc25e11a567

[MW2E.dmg] md5 = 1b907eec21d25bc88bb763c6ca28ef8c

There is a "Check for Update" menu item provided, which will update the software to the latest version. Also, if you have trouble updating any earlier installation, use one of the basic versions above as a starting point.

32-bit compatible versions for MacOS X 10.6 can be downloaded here.


The enclosed application should be moved preferable into the application folder or any subfolder therein.

When running MacOS X 10.8 or higher, the first time the application is launched, the following error message may appear: "MW2E can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer".

You have two options to run MWAV/MW2E even though:

  1. Right- or CTRL-click the program icon and choose Open from the context menu
  2. Modify the Gatekeeper settings in the System Preferences in order to allow any software to be installed on the system (less secure)