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Harry Gerber Kybernetik


MOMENTUM is a MacOS X system exclusive messages based sound editor for Waldorf's Pulse2 Synthesizer.

Each and every parameters can be edited, and a program bank manager is included with drag&drop support.

  • A sound bank can be opened, for instance "Pulse2 factory 09.09.13.mid" and all sounds can be dumped to the Pulse2 afterwards.
  • A new sound library can be set up.
  • Individual slots in the sound library can be initialized.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Sound Library to the Pulse2.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Pulse2 to the Finder.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Finder to the Sound Library (this is not working in MacOS X 10.6, use the import button instead).
  • The Pulse2 table can be updated by selecting either "Request all sounds" or "Request Sound" (for the current selected row).
  • Double-clicking on a selected row opens a window for editing a Sound Program.
  • The full documentation can be accessed via the Help menu and can also be found here