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Harry Gerber Kybernetik
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GOFTER (pronouned: "ge-oh-ef-te-eh-er") is a MacOS X system exclusive messages based sound editor for Waldorf's Blofeld Synthesizer.

Each and every parameters can be edited, and a program bank manager is included with drag&drop support.

  • A sound bank can be opened, for instance "factory_set_2012.mid" and all sounds can be dumped to the Blofeld afterwards.
  • A new sound library can be set up.
  • Individual slots in the sound library can be initialized.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Sound Library to the Blofeld.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Blofeld to the Finder.
  • Sounds can be drag&dropped from the Finder to the Sound Library (this is not working in MacOS X 10.6, use the import button instead).
  • The Blofeld table can be updated by selecting either "Request all sounds" or "Request Sound" (for the current selected row).
  • Double-clicking on a selected row opens a window for editing a Sound Program.
  • The full documentation can be accessed via the Help menu and can also be found here

    The latest version offers the opportunity to install an Audio Unit Editor. So, last not least, it is now possible having quick access to current sound program settings and record and play back parameter changes from inside your preferred DAW.