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Source Code Management

Creating a repository

cvs -d /home/user/fiasko/cvsroot init

SCM in Xcode

Source: [[]]

  • Create a new project
  • Add the following two lines of code in the header for the main AppDelegate.h and AppDelegate.m
// $Header$
// $Log$
  • Save the project
  • In the top Xcode menu go to SCM/Repositories
  • Import the project folder
  • In Xcode, close the project (This is the important step)
  • In the Finder, delete the project folder (there is a bug that causes errors if you do not do this!)
  • Back in SCM/Repositories, Checkout the project folder (place it were you just deleted the old folder) and then open it
  • SCM/Configure SCM For This Project – At the very bottom – SCM Repository: MP1
  • SCM/Configure SCM For This Project – At the very bottom -Rebuild Code Sense Index

That’s it! Now all changes to the project will be tracked. We have not figured out how to track .xib changes yet.
Right click the individual filename or the entire project when you want to “Commit Changes”.



Full path (alt): /home/user/fiasko/websites/cvsroot

Full path: /home/user/fiasko/cvsroot

Authentication: ssh
Path: /cvsroot
Host address:
User name: fiasko

MacCvs Preferences Dialog:

The Xcode way:


svnadmin create $HOME/svnroot/repos
svn mkdir -m "mkdir" svn+ssh://
svn import -m "First Import" hgk svn+ssh://
svn list svn+ssh://
svn co svn+ssh:// hgk

Neues Repository erstellen:

svnadmin create ~/svn

Hierarchie fürs Projekt “12decode” erzeugen:

svn mkdir --parents -m "First Import" file:///home/user/fiasko/svn/12decode/trunk file:///home/user/fiasko/svn/12decode/tags file:///home/user/fiasko/svn/12decode/branches

Authentication: svn+ssh
Path: /home/user/fiasko/svn
Host address:
User name: fiasko

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