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 +===== Instant Payment Notification =====
 +(Copied from [[]])
 +  - Check your account status. Login to PayPal. Go to your PayPal Profile and click My settings. Confirm that your “Account type” is either Premier or Business, or upgrade your account.
 +  - Check your API settings. Click My selling tools. Expand “Selling online” if needed and check “API access.” Click Update and Add or edit API permission or View API signature.
 +  - In your PayPal Profile, click My selling tools, click Instant Payment Notification. Follow the instructions to enable your IPN including entering your Notification URL.
 +  - To create a basic IPN listener script, use the PayPal IPN script generator. If necessary, modify the script to meet your needs.
 +  - Install the script on your website at the Notification URL you specified in your PayPal Profile.
 +  - Test your script using the PayPal Sandbox. (Registration is free.)
 +  - Once you’ve verified that your implementation works correctly in the Sandbox, you’re now ready to go live.
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