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Harry Gerber Kybernetik
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The name "12decode" is taken from the special hexadecimal value 0x12DEC0DE which can be used in a programming context to detect out of range access of memory. Also, it is used in the original Microwave synthesizer from Waldorf for special wavetables which are arithmetically generated.

As the Microwave synthesizers and the blofeld are just pieces of hardware with a more or less limited interface for editing and organizing sounds, I have always been committed to write useful software to get some of the hidden features coming to show from these nitty gritty machines.

To sum it all up, this website acts as the main distribution channel/information resource, where it is possible to buy product keys and benefit from my efforts.

MWAV/MW2E are MacOS X based system exclusive sound editors/bank managers for Waldorf's MicroWave I and II/XT synthesizer.

GOFTER and MOMENTUM are MacOS X based system exclusive based sound editors/bank managers for Waldorf's Blofeld and Pulse2 synthesizers.

Here is what others have to say about 12decode software:

A brilliant editor you've made, so far the best I've tried.
- Emil Aastrup

"robot wavetable ... thanks for the wonderful software, it is really opening up the possibilities of this synth (Microwave) to me!"
- Dope Robot

Recently bought a license for MW2E. Awesome editor/librarian. Very stable.
- Carl Falk

I love this editor (for MWXT), it works great!
- Peter Greko

Recently i came across your site and the editor for Microwave XT (OS X). It was one of the latest best findings for me! Want to thank you for it!
- Jaime Filipe Sapateiro Freitas (DSI)

I have an XT and prefer the decode editor. Native and a better library manager.
- wselman

when you like to do your own presets, so i am doing it using 12decode GOFTER. Personally highly recommend [...] The best Editor i ever tried with Blofeld and very cheep too.
- Daniel Krawietz

"There are a number of editors for it (the Blofeld) too, [...] I use one for os x that's pretty good (consistently updated) called gofter."
- https://www.elektronauts.com/users/zfigz

"ich habe diese Woche wieder nach gut fünfzehn Jahren einen Waldorf Microwave 1 ersteigert und dazu Eure Software gekauft. Ich bin hell begeistert vom MW1 Editor!"
- Daniel Baumgartner